Puppy Foundation and Socialisation Courses

We offer 5 week courses, based in Chester, that'll help develop a sociable and confident puppy.

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Quality Pet Dog Classes

Part of the IMDT network (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers), we have been serving the pets and families of our local area, introducing the positive,  kind way to bond with and train your dog.  We love caring and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships. We provide excellent classes and tuition to help you understand your new addition and ensure that you both receive the highest quality training whilst enjoying every moment.


Reliable and Trustworthy Trainers

When you take on a new puppy, it can be hard to know you're doing the right thing and helping your pup to grow up into a sociable,  happy pet. With years of satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on us to guide you to train and care for your pets, to help them grow into relaxed,  family dogs.  


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are always prepared for any dogs' needs and ensure that your pet will receive the best care and training,  using positive methods and rewards. Their happiness and enjoyment is our priority and we strive to provide a training service we would want our own pets to receive. 

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Vicars Cross Community Centre. Thackeray Drive, Vicars Cross, Great Boughton, Chester, CH3 5LR, United Kingdom